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Fire Fighter

  • Respond to all incidents, including fires and accidents, as quickly and safely as possible, in order to minimize damage to ADAC users and assets, and minimize impact on operational capacity
  • Respond to hazardous materials incidents, including fuel spills, in order to contain the impact of such incidents, contact all required parties as set out in standard operating procedures, in order to maintain the safety of ADAC users
  •  Respond to all alarm calls, including practice and false alarms, in the most efficient and safe manner within the timelines established by national and international civil aviation regulations.
  • Operate all light and medium fire and rescue vehicles as required, within permitted driving regulations, to assist the Fire and Rescue Services meet their day to day operations
  •  Check and wash Fire and Rescue Services equipment and vehicles, as assigned by the Duty Officer, to ensure all vehicles and equipment are ready and available for any and all emergencies.
  • Deputize for Sub Fire Officer in emergency situations as required in order to maintain safe operational conduct in reaction to emergencies and fires as they occur.